ARMONIA DENTAL by Dra. Alexandra David

Dr. Alexandra David is a dentist of the Colombian Dental College, specialist in Dental Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation of the University of New York (NYU), specialist in Oral and Reconstructive Implantology of the Military University (CIEO), Active Member of the Colombian Academy of Osseo integration and Professor of the Colombian Odonatological College.

She is currently the Director of her Private Clinic in the city of Cartagena and dedicates her exclusive practice to high dental aesthetics and to the integral restoration of her patients. She is recognized for her conservative management of dentistry and for using advanced technology.


In search of a dental harmony we offer integral dental services that help to effectively solve the oral health problems of our patients..


To be the leading dental clinic with the most advanced technology and specialists who meet the highest requirements of professionalism and excellence generating the best results in all our patients.


Radiografía Implantes Dentales





The prostheses constitute the use of artificial teeth which can be fixed or removable made in various materials that vary their aesthetics.

  • Ceramic Crowns
  • Ceramic Facets
  • Removable Prosthesis
  • Total Prostheses
  • Fixed Prosthesis


At our ARMONIA DENTAL clinic we offer the best dental treatments that will give you excellent oral health.


Smile Design is an increasingly popular procedure. It consists of making small adjustments of misaligned teeth or teeth whitening and other adjustments, which will definitely achieve a radical and positive change in your smile in a quick and painless way. We have the best specialists and teams in the area, to offer treatments according to each need and guarantee highly satisfactory results. In ARMONIA DENTAL […]


This specialty is responsible for removing the nerve from the tooth when it has been affected by a caries, by a blow or simply by requiring a rehabilitation procedure that is causing symptoms. This nerve is extracted, the remaining space is cleaned, shaped and filled. Why is it important? This procedure avoids the loss of severely damaged and compromised teeth, thus achieving to preserve them […]


A dental implant is a prosthesis that is used to replace lost teeth. It s a small piece of titanium that is placed in the bone of the maxilla or jaw, later it can be rehabilitated with a crown, a fixed bridge, a partial denture or a complete denture. Once the implant is integrated into the bone, a structure called the abutment is connected to […]


Dental emergencies: management of dental trauma

Dental emergencies: management of dental trauma

It is always good to be prepared, and know what to do, in case of a dental emergency; since it is important for your oral health. If a chipped or fractured tooth, or a broken crown or amalgam is not treated, it can lead to the appearance of decay; since the open space is difficult to clean. If you have a dental emergency due to […]

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How to properly use dental floss

How to properly use dental floss

You are flossing. Excellent, but for the floss to remove the plaque from your teeth effectively, you need to be sure that you are applying the correct technique. Since you will place your fingers in your mouth, be sure to wash your hands before flossing. Then, just follow these steps: Use enough dental floss. Break a piece about 45 cm long. That seems like a […]

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How does teeth whitening work?

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening occurs in two ways: First, stains on the outer layer of the tooth and under the surface of the enamel are removed. Second, the appearance of new spots is prevented. This is achieved by removing and rinsing the spots, and protecting the teeth against stains. How does stain removal work? The elimination of stains on the outer layer of the tooth requires chemical […]

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If you are a patient of Orthodontics do not forget:

  • Perform a deep Professional Cleaning (Prophylaxis) every 3 months.
    Avoid the consumption of hard foods, chewing gum, biting directly with the teeth, as it can cause the detachment of a bracket, delaying the time of your treatment.
    The smile you want to have depends on the assistance to your controls.
  • What are the brackets for? It is the fundamental equipment to preserve your orthodontic treatment, the use of them depends on your teeth not returning to the original position and the bite is discouraged. Initially you should use them day and night and then only at night according to the instructions of your specialist
  • How long does an orthodontics take? This will depend on the amount of movements that must be done in your mouth, it can vary from 18 to 24 months or more depending on each particular case.

If you are a patient of Rehabilitation do not forget:

  • To facilitate the hygiene of your rehabilitation, use dental floss (Ask your dentist for its use).
  • It is important that you attend your controls, since the duration of your treatment depends on it.Ask your dentist how you can clean your removable prosthesis. (Not all are made of the same material).
  • What kind of treatment exists to replace one or more teeth? It depends on the number of teeth and their position. You can make fixed, removable prostheses (remove and put), or implants. The last one (implant) consists of placing a screw in the place occupied by the root of the tooth and then make a crown on it.
  • How long is the average duration of a rehabilitation treatment completed? The duration depends on factors such as the biting of the patient, oral cleaning care, assistance to their controls. However, the average time is:Fixed prosthesis (crowns): 5 years.
    Removable Prosthesis: 3 years
    Implants (screw): All life, depending on the care!
    Crowns on implants: 5 years

If you are patient with dental implant:

See the following video for recommendations for the maintenance of your dental implants: