Strategic implantology (basal monophasic implant)

We use monophasic implants (one-piece implants) unlike conventional implants (biphasic implants in various pieces). This design and profile bring us a lot of advantages. This Swiss technology (IHDE brand implants) is suitable for people who need complex treatments or people who want to recover a tooth or a fixed prosthesis in 72 hours. We are pioneers in this immediate loading implant system in America, which has revolutionized implantology.

The advantages of immediate loading implant (Swiss technology IHDE):

  • Does not require bone grafts (ideal for complex cases and patients with loss of bone bone)
  • Implants and fixed prosthesis in 72 hours (ideal for people who does not want to wait for the classic 6-month implant placement process, for foreigners who come to do the treatment in Colombia)
  • Minimally invasive surgery, less inflammation, less sutures and less bleeding than with conventional implants.
  • A single surgery instead of 2 to 3 with classic implants
  • Lower risk of peri-implantitis
  • Tooth extraction and placement of the implant the same day